August 28, 2017

Translation Club

The program in a nutshell

Translation club is an event that brings together learners of Chinese and English to work together on a translation – translation then feed into an original magazine bringing new voices from China to Western Readers.

Why Translation Club? 

Translation Club reveals the cultural implicits embedded in language.

What is Translation Club? 

Each session is facilitated and includes group translation, general social time and group reflection on the translation process and specific vocabulary and sentences which were difficult/insightful. We have a maximum of 20 participants in each workshop, and form groups of 3-5 people with some native speakers of English, and some native speakers of Chinese. There is a text for us to translate together, we need to use both of the group languages (e.g Chinese and English) to complete the translation. The texts are recent articles about contemporary cultural issues. Translations are then uploaded to the Marco Polo magazine.

Versions of Translation Club have been run in a range of settings – in Primary Schools, Secondary Schools, Universities, and community groups.

What are the outcomes? 

Translation Club is an engaging and fun event with interesting and motivated participants. The workshops are great for Chinese learners and speakers who want to develop their knowledge of language and meet other people who speak their language.  We have a core of dedicated language learners who come every week and tackle a different text on a different topic. Participants have authentic conversations in both Chinese and English about real topics in society. They challenge your language skills in terms of both Vocabulary and Grammar.

Where are we now?

Translation Club runs as a weekly event in Melbourne. Additional events have been running across the planet.

Translation Club was first piloted in 2013, on the basis of the Marco Polo Magazine, where the organisation started. We since ran over 80 such events around the world.