August 15, 2017

Our programs

Marco Polo Project harnesses the power of human-centred design to create new forms of cross-cultural education for schools, universities and local communities – with a focus on connection, culture and communication. All programs are developed on the basis of a rigorous design process conducted through the Marco Polo Incubator.

Programs currently running

  • Translation Club gathers speakers of Chinese and English for collaborative translation and cultural deep learning. The translations feed into an exclusive digital magazine bringing new voices from China to Western readers. Learn more.
  • Design for Diversity harnesses design thinking to better integrate international students in the senior years of high-schools. Learn more.

Programs currently in development 

  • Out of the Box equips international students at university with tools and mindsets to better interact with the local environment. Our of the Box was designed in partnership with the Melbourne University Faculty of Business and Economics, and prototyped at Monash College. Learn more.
  • Language connector enhances the experience of language exchange participants by inviting them to enact a set of archetypes in the form of a role-playing card-game.
  • Marco Polo Museum is a digital collection of stories and ideas, offering curated itineraries through a selection of Asian voices reflecting on Asia, collaboratively translated.
  • Froject X reframes language education at middle-school year levels as a pathway to resilience, self-awareness and creativity.
  • A range of other programs focusing on language exchange, regional communities, emotional aspects of language learning, digital learning tools and language learning for beginners are currently under development. Learn more.

If you’re interested in one of those programs, or if you’re facing a cross-cultural challenge where you think we can help, contact us!