August 26, 2016

About Us

Marco Polo Project is a boutique education design agency bringing together award-winning community builders to develop the future of cross-cultural education.

As globalisation brings more of us together across cultures and languages, we must invent new forms of education for the Marco Polos of today and tomorrow. Founded in 2011 and inspired by the multicultural fabric of Melbourne, Marco Polo Project exists in order to create new forms of language and cross-cultural education for schools, universities, businesses and communities, with a focus on connection, culture and communication.

Our programs help learners from diverse languages and cultures harness the power of communication to build new connections, make sense of their own cultural tradition, and engage in new forms of collective experience. All programs are developed on the basis of a rigorous design process conducted through the Marco Polo Incubator. Marco Polo Project also works with clients as a boutique consulting and education design agency.

Marco Polo Project has been privileged to partner with a range of organisations across Australia and internationally on cutting-edge education and cultural projects. Our partners and clients include Melbourne Knowledge Week, Sydney Ideas, Writers Victoria, Melbourne Writers Festival, Books Actually, Beijing Bookworm, China 30s, Danwei Media, Yeeyan, Ecole Normale Superieure, Monash University – Centre for Translation and Interpretation, Latrobe University, Melbourne University – Faculty of Business and Economics, Paris Sorbonne University, Monash College, Level Up English, China Australia Millennial Project, Australia China Youth Association, Language Connection, Foundation for Young Australians, School of Slow Media, Richmond West Primary School, Fudan High School, Raffles Institute, Ivanhoe Grammar, and Ivanhoe Girls Grammar.

Our work has been recognised through a range of grants and honours, including multiple grants from the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs, Victorian Multicultural Commission, City of Melbourne and City of Yarra, as well as national and international scholarships to leadership and advanced study programs, including from Asialink, Victorian Department of Business and Innovation, Australia Council for the Arts, Monash University, and the THNK school of Creative Leadership. In recognition of the work accomplished by Marco Polo Project, our founder and CEO Julien Leyre was listed on the Victorian Multicultural Honour Roll in 2016 and awarded the title of New Australian of the year in 2017.

Marco Polo is a registered Australian charity based in Melbourne, Australia.